DUI & Drugs in El Dorado County

Drugged Driving Is Still a Serious DUI Offense

When it comes to DUI charges, drugs are different from alcohol. There is no definitive correlation between the amount of a drug a person has ingested and impairment to his or her ability to drive. Whereas with alcohol there are four ways to measure impairment — blood alcohol content being the primary way — there are no standardized field sobriety tests for other substances.

Some law enforcement officers believe that symptoms of drug use equate to impairment, but this incorrect assumption can be challenged with the help of an experienced defense attorney. A common scenario involves an officer arresting a person for driving under the influence because he or she smells marijuana.

If you have been charged with DUI related to marijuana, meth, heroin, a prescription drug or another controlled substance, you face suspension of your driver's license and other serious consequences. If an accident occurred, and particularly if someone was injured, penalties can greatly increase.

I Will Fight for Your Rights & Your Freedom

As an Placerville criminal defense lawyer concentrating on DUI and drug-related offenses, I have extensive experience with DUI cases involving drugs in California. I have defended the rights of clients in El Dorado County for more than a decade.

As your attorney, I will fight for your rights and your freedom if you are accused of driving under the influence of drugs. In many cases, I defend drivers by:

  • Highlighting the subjective nature of an officer's opinion or observation that led to an arrest
  • Illustrating that a driver can show symptoms of having used a drug while safely operating a vehicle
  • Cross-referencing a blood test to show how much time elapsed after the use of a drug

Every DUI situation is different. I can help you understand your legal rights and options.

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